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National Cookie Month

It pleases me that October is National Cookie Month.  America doesn't have enough national holidays.  We need to slow down and celebrate the good things more often, the good things, like cookies.

Oreos called to me as a child, along with the famous chocolate chip.  Being a purist, I didn't tear my Oreo apart to eat it. That's like eating spaghetti without the sauce. I liked filling my mouth with the cookie and cream, chewing it up a bit and then washing it down with a glass of milk, chocolate, if you please.  I think, though, my desire for them was pressed on me by others who enjoyed them -- like aunts, Mom, and grandparents.  For once I found the oatmeal raisin cookie, I was gaga for them.  Add a little cinnamon...yum....

I like my cinnamon oatmeal raisin cookies to be a little chewy and thin, with crisp edges.  Oh sure, I've eaten some frosted oatmeal cookies, Mint Milanos and ginger snaps but I swear I didn't taste them.  Yes, some fancy things, like lemon with white chocolate and pistachio nuts will seduce me to sample them but I'm faithful to cinnamon oatmeal raisin cookies...mostly. 

My wife, however, dislikes raisins.  While I love all sorts of raisins, all sorts of raisins disgust her.  They're right up there at the top of her disliked foods with lima beans and peas.  She doesn't like their mushiness.  How she can say that and enjoy figs...well, taste buds can really contort our preferences.

Oreos and chocolate chip cookies never spoke to her.  A fig fan, she enjoys Fig Newtons, with her favorites being Fig Newmans.  For more traditional flavors, she enjoys peanut butter cookies.  She makes a mean peanut butter cookie but says, there's nothing to them, they're so easy. 

Personally, I'm ambivalent about figs and leave them to her to eat.  I will eat Fig Newmans or Fig Newtons if they're available.  If we're confessing and this is just between us, I'll probably eat any cookie put in front of me.  I'll even reach for them if I need to do so.

I guess I'm funny that way.

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I didn't know October was

I didn't know October was "National Cookie" month--now I can munch and nibble with a clear conscience--thanks a lot, Michael!  :) J

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They really do a poor job of advertising these things,

don't they, Judee?  It's like they want us to celebrate cookies but not eat them. 

And one of the great milestones of becoming an independent adult is that first time that you eat a cookie before dinner after being told for years that I can't have one because it'll spoil my dinner.

Well, look at me now, Ma, look at me now.  I'm going to eat all the cookies I want.  I might even just eat cookies for dinner. Cookies and a salad, with a beer.  It's the National Cookie Month diet. 

Thanks for stopping by, Judee.  Here, have a cookie.  Mind the crumbs.  Cheers, M

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Michael— Love cookies, love


Love cookies, love October, love this post! Off to bake!  Thanks!  B

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Bake away, Barb

This is the perfect baking season, isn't it?  Great to enter from a cool but sunny day and discover freshly baked cookies or bread.  Of course, this is also perfect soup weather.

Fresh warm bread dripping with melted butter, and a bowl of hot soup, with a cookie for dessert.  I think I've discovered my lunch menu.

Thanks for the inspiration as well as stopping.  Cheers, M

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I have a great cranberry,

I have a great cranberry, coconut cookie recipe, Michael that I'm ready to swop for the peanut cookie recipe your wife has....mx

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A cookie swap!

You're on, Mary.  Looking forward to it.  Thanks for the offer.  Cheers, M

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Italian pistachio cookie

was my favorite a few years ago but the Chinese almond cookie is an old favorite. I used to get the Pepperidge Farm's Mint Brussels cookies, too, a few years back if I felt like a special treat. Mexican wedding cookies are delicious, too. I guess many of the cookies I like have nuts in them but some favorites come without nuts such as the Mint Brussels cookie, oatmeal cookie and the Brittany butter cookie. 

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I'm a fan of the Italian pistachio cookie

as well as the Chinese almond cookie.  You sound like a cookie connissuer.  I guess, as it is with pies, I'm a fan of any cookie, including those with nuts and with or without chocolate.

Thanks for reading and commenting, Kim.  Cheers, M