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My Cynicism is Stirring

It occurs to me that something afoul might be afoot in the corporate land that employs me.

I, a remote worker, have a great deal of difficulty staying connecting to the corporate mother ship. I often blamed myself, my system, my ISP, and so on.

Then, while waiting for calls to begin the last few weeks, I've talked to others on the line and learn that those working from home are all having trouble. Meanwhile, our corporate leaders last summer directed that everyone who has an office campus assigned to them must work from said office at least four days a week, reversing years of guidance about going green, reducing their carbon footprint, work at home efficiencies and productivity, and how the online virtual office was the new norm.

My boss worked from home last Friday and discovered he had the same connectivity issues that I experienced even though he lives just a few miles away from the campus.

So, my evil mind ponders, can it be that all those human resource actions, slicing away IT positions, outsourcing what is left to other countries, replacing experienced people with entry level folks, delaying buys to replace aging equipment, and cutting out overtime so that the company is still profitable, the stock price contintues to rise, and the executives continue collecting bonuses...can it be that all those cuts are now affecting the ability to manage and maintain the network?

No, that can't be. Must be something else.