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Miscellaneous Droppings

Last week of the quarter so I expect a slow week, few meetings, fewer requirements. No meetings at all are scheduled for Thursday and Friday. 

Don't know if I should be insulted or pleased....  Weather broke and sunshine arose yesterday in the mid-afternoon. I leaped out with my tools and attacked the front rock rose and bushes. A man and woman walking by asked me who I worked for. Why would they want to know that? I told them and realized they were going to try to hire me to do yard work. Had a good laugh. Kept me going as it rained on me and I finished the job but I wondered after they walked away what prompted to think I a paid landscaper?

I used to sleep naked. Sometime while I grew older in the last decade, I added clothes. I don't remember a conscious decision...did I subconsciously decide that's not a good view?

Curious about a co-worker. She shares the same manager. Her duties are related to mine. We're supposed to work closely together but she has a habit of contradicting me, ignoring my emails, and leaving me off email threads and off meeting invites. (Odd how the company uses 'invites' instead of 'invitations'.) She went on vacation this week. Prep to that, our mutual manager told her via an urgent email to get with me and bring me up to date on some of her activities so I can help manage things while she's out. She never responded to the email. 

We've acquired most of our lost daylight back from DST. Walking through the house @ six thirty no longer requires that I turn on lights. 

Watched Masterpiece Theater last night. Starts at 10PM. Strange, late time. It was a slightly condensed version of Oliver Twist. At 11, my wife said, "I'm going to bed." I continued watching. At 11:30, they began part 2. I turned it off. Sorry, but it is just too late for us.

Also watched The Sea Inside last night. Very moving. I broke several vertebra while diving into shallow water once as Ramon Sampedro did but his accident left him a quadriplegic invalid who wanted to end his life, and mine left me in a halo device for a summer. I was lucky. 

Have a difficult subject to bring up with my wife. She's always complaining about how dark our house is. I don't notice that. She also complains about how dark the televisions are and how she can't see them unless she's up close and centered. She often turns lights on throughout the day and leaves them on. I think she has a developing vision problem.

Waiting for my wife to leave so I can have some coffee. Rice farina still tastes like paste but organic maple syrup helps.

Lots and lots of maple syrup.....