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Suddenly I am becoming a Mike. I've gone my life under my preference of Michael. Whenever someone asks, my name is Michael. Not Mike nor Mickey or Mikey. I am M to my wife but's the extent of it. Yet people who know me as Michael are calling me Mike. 

There are many Michaels and Mike out there. My wife likes to use Michaels as our last name when we're put on a list at a restaurant. I use M. "What is it?" the host, hostess, whatever asks, frowning at me. "M," I repeat. "As in the letter. This table is being requested by the letter M."

What's the cause of this cosmic shift? Is it the meteor showers? The Mayan calendar? Melting ice caps and magnetic shifts? 

Of course not. That's absurd. It's a conspiracy.

All these people are secretly conspiring to change me from Michael to Mike. Why? That's the key to this mystery. Are some angels, demons, aliens or overlords looking at some prophecy, some great master plan and saying, "Okay, we need to change his name from Michael to Mike." And again, we must ask why? What is my role in the cosmic field of dots and bubbles of existent. For what is Mike being groomed? 

Will we ever know?

Many don't understand the subtle delicate distinctions between Mike and Michael. Michaels are refined, elegant, talented and quick. We're usually also very good looking. Mikes are talented but less refined. They wear shorter hair and tighter clothes. Whereas a Michael perfers to think through solutions and see the whole picture, a Mike uses bold action and brute force to cause change. 

Maybe it's not a conspiracy. Perhaps the universe is in dissonance. You could make that case, watching the politcal and economic landscape in America - bazinga. I joke, of course. This election is not much different from other madness. I'm not following football and other pro sports any longer so I don't know if the world is flipping over in those realms. I didn't watch the Olympics. Did something happen there that demonstrates the universe is no longer properly working? What news have I missed that the times are changing, that I am now deemed a Mike?

Maybe it's nothing but people forgetting a preference. I haven't corrected anyone. I'm going to let the wheel turn and see if I become a Mike.