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Looking Back on July

Lot of memories were made in July. Wonder how many I'll remember. 

Aurora. Colorado wildfires. Siberia wildfire. The nausea of the tedious political campaigns. Celebrity deaths. New movies. New books. The Olympics opening. Old scandals revisited, new scandals uncovered. 

We celebrated birthdays, 56 for me, 55 for her, 54 for my sister, went to the movies and entertained house guests. Met an Olympic bronze metalist, a speed walker who is now a bronze sculptor. Celebrated Independence Day. Did a couple charity things. Stewed over Joe Paterno and Penn State. Brooded over writing and life. Wrote. Took trips to the ocean and around Oregon, exploring it more. Grilled chicken, steaks, pizzas, skewered shrimp for salads. We experienced unusual cold and wet weather than a long streak in which it was hot, 80 to 90 F, but not as hot as usual. Walked a lot although my monthly average dropped. Attributed that to walking with my wife. She's slower and doesn't like to walk as much. 

We talked about that last night. She's looking at vacation packages. "Would you want to go on a walking vacation?" she asked. I would love that. That's not her idea of a vacation. She returned to her searches. 

Gas prices stayed at $3.97 at my local benchmark, the corner Shell, until mid-July, when it popped up to $4.03, then $4.07. That's where it now stands. 

Wrote. I read a lot, focusing on Martin's A Song of Fire and Ice. Each of his 900 to 1,100 word volumes took me three to seven days to read. On number five now. Read a number of short stories, focusing on fantasy and science fiction online, since that's my chosen genre. Read a few other books, including Chris Rodell's "Use All The Crayons", which I enjoyed immensely. Read many, many, many Redroom posts, experiencing others' pain, wonder, triumphs and sadness. Wrote three short stories, submitted one.  Visited old novels and short stories I've written. Heard no from another agent about my novel and sent out another query.

Wrote. Worked. Cut grass. Trimmed bushes. Pulled weeds. Nursed wounds and illness. Explored myself. Pondered existence. Hung on to balance. Fell a few times. Posted on FB. Raged. Ranted. Laughed. Drank beer, wine, water, coffee. Exercised and weighed myself. Washed cars. Called Mom. Drove. Shopped. Fed the cats. Cleaned up cat vomit. Wrote. 

Another month of living is in the books. Year 2012. My next month has begun. My next year has begun.