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We share our house with three rescue cats.  Lady is number two in the line who joined when.  We believe she is six. 

I returned home Friday to the disturbing discovery that she was urinating blood.  A trip to the vet was required.  An aggressive infection was discovered in her bladder, kidney and urethra.  Antibiotics were prescribed, blood taken and sent off.

Her kidneys are our greatest concerns.  She's small and experienced a tough early life as a cat on the street.  It's more surprising that it's happening when she's just six or seven years old. A poor diet probably contributed to her condition.

The blood results came back on Saturday morning.  Her creatinine levels in her blood were 4.5, very bad.  We took her into the vet for a three day fluid therapy.  Until her infection is knocked out, we won't know the situation.  We may need to help her with subcut fluids for the rest of her life.

We'll see.  We've gone through this with other cats. Usually one problem finds other problems.  Crystal's kidney failures were quick and severe but she was smaller and older than Lady.  Jade's kidney issues didn't develop until she was in thirteen or fourteen.  Added by some sub cut fluid therapy, she survived until she was 21. 

For now, our house is a little more empty and quiet.  Our little gray shadow, aka "Me Too", is in the hospital in fluids.  We hope she's safe and comfortable.  We hope she's warm and recovering.  We hope she knows how much we're thinking about her.