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In Full Disclosure....

I watched the last Super Bowl. It was happenstance. We finished our errands. We arrived home hungry but had picked up chips and sandwiches on the way home. It was 3:30. I sat down with my late lunch, turned on my computer and flipped on the television, and remember, "Oh, yes, today is the Super Bowl." I put it on but I kept the sound off and my eyes closed.

No, I watched some. I didn't expect either offensive or defensive masterpieces but I was surprised by some of the mistakes made. I didn't pay close attention until the fourth quarter, to see whether New England could stop New York, and then, whether the Patriots could return.

Mrs Brady has complained about Mr Brady's receivers dropping balls. She believes that lost them the game but this is one of those domino situations. If the Patriots had better field position earlier in the game after a punt, then Mr Brady would not have dropped back into the end zone and thrown a pass downfield to no one, resulting in a safety and turning the ball over to the Giants. If he hadn't thrown an interception, et cetera. If the Patriots hadn't had twelve men on the field when they intercepted a Manning pass, they would have stopped the Giants' drive and had the ball.

So many ifs. The game is over.

The next season is ready to begin. 

Oy vay.