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I Love Life

I love life, I decided, after thinking and writing about today's mantra.

I don't mean that I love living;  I mean that I love life.

I love the plants and animals and people, and the differences.  

I love the rain and the sun and the wind and the ocean. 

I love caring about others, and trying to influence matters and advocate change.

I love the challenges of remembering the past, understanding what we are to be human, conceiving our futures, and coping with our relationships with one another and our existence.  

I love thinking and wondering about what is real, and how real it is, and how much we all change, and why we change.

I love looking at the sky and pondering the stars and wondering what other peoples and lives are out there.  

I love having a drink and chatting with friends, and laughing, and writing, watching television, going to movies and plays, listening to music, reading books and newspapers, surfing the Internet, traveling the world, meeting other people, learning about them, finding new friends, hearing from old friends, celebrating seasons and holidays, eating food, exercising and dieting, contemplating my face and body and its changes, and reconsidering the color of the walls and carpets, and the company of my cats, and the challenges of thinking and struggling, and winning and losing large and small battles every day.  

I love battling on and wondering if the battles will ever end even as I know that they're not really battles and that they won't ever end because I create most of them, so they'll always be, as long as I am.

I love life.

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I'll have what he's having.

I'll have what he's having.

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Great line -

A dry throway delivery is needed. I always laugh when I hear it - or its variations.  

Thanks for reading, Jodi, and springing a laugh on me.  Cheers