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I Confess

I have not read "The Help". (I have not seen the movie, either.) I have not read "Freedom". I have not read the latest prize winners, and I have not read Kate Atkinson's "Case Histories". By the grace of this science fiction like contraption out there called 'TV' or 'television', I was introduced to Atkinson's character, Jackson Brodie.

My wife is a voracious reader. She loves Kate Atkinson. She also has a good memory so as we watched, she would say things like, 'that's right, something about....(fill in the spot)' (I paraphrase so as not to reveal anything someone doesn't know).  My wife was quite meticulous about remembering. It was a bit annoying and elicited a bark from me.

Watching "Case Histories", I was impressed with the character. He's a flawed person but not overly so, introspective, persistent and diligent. He was violent once. His threats were usually veiled. A powerful sense of judgement pushing him on (sure, not unusual with detective characters) and women seem attracted to him because, one, he is good looking, but two, there seems to be an empathy they sense in him.

The mysteries presented were not overly deep. Again, as in many mystery novels I've recently read, the 'who' of the crime seems pretty apparent. I read on to learn the who's why and because I enjoy spying on the detetive's life. Good leasons for me as fledgling writer.

After the show's end, I asked my wife how true the show seemed to the novel and she thought it remarkably so (and well cast). I've added Atkinson to my eternal writing list. Sure, I know how the story, character and plot; now I want to know the writing.