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Good Power Nap

Is there such a thing as a bad nap?  Do you ever wake up from a nap and say, "Well, that nap sucked.  I'm never doing that again."

I don't.  More often, I prefer not to let the nap end.

I nap more when the days shorten and the weather turns chilly.  Is it because I'm deprived of sunshine's invigorating energy or more that I'm part bear and that part wants to hibernate?  

Sometimes I'd like to hibernate.  Just get up, stretch, yawn and tell the world, "I'm going into hibernation.  See you in a few."  A few what?  Well, we'll see.  It may be a few days, weeks, months or years.  I've never hibernated so I'm not sure.

I'm a simple napper.  Nothing fancy.  Don't change clothes.  I like spontaneous naps.  It seems like changing my clothes would shortchange the spontaneity.  

I don't set any alarms.  Sometimes I will tell my wife and cats to wake me by a certain time if I'm not up by then.  Most times, though, I prefer to let the nap be a stream and let it flow unimpeded.

I prefer the recliner for my naps.  Unfortunately, the recliner is a favorite spot for my wife and the cats to nap.  As the recliner hierchy goes, I'm last in succession.  

So my second nap place is my office chair.  Open a drawer, put my feet up on it, lean back and close my eyes.  This position is best if it's quiet and sunny.  

The cats like it when I nap.  They seem aware when I'm going to nap, just as they are aware when we're getting food or someone is being fed.  It's not rare for me to lean back for a nap and quickly find a couple cats arriving to help me relax by climbing up onto me, demanding that I pet them, and kneading me for good luck.  The cats usually outdo me with the naps.  I awaken with a snore broken into a slobbering, drooling snort, and find the cats deeply asleep on me.  Felinectomies are required if I want to move.

It's nice to be reading and fall into a nap.  I love it when I become so relaxed that my sentries take a break and a nap ambushes me.  

Post nap, I stand and stretch, emulating my cats.  Stretching is a serious cat business, as important to a cat as reading is to a human.  Each limbs' muscles must be extended, flexed and arched, as well as the back and torso.  A large, loud noise accompanies my stretches.  The cats usually stretch in silence.  

But the cats and I share other post nap practices.  They usually give a few licks of their paws and wash their faces.  I retire to the bathroom to splash my face.  I also brush my teeth.  

The cats don't do that.

Then it's on to other things.  The cats usually want to eat.  My post nap activities vary.  Sometimes it's late, and I just go to bed, refreshed from my nap and ready for a good night's sleep.

It's another thing I learned from the cats.