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Giving Up

Giving up is just so, so hard.  Saying, I quit, is difficult.  It's words that I have a hard time muttering.  It's probably my one weakness.

I learned through Facebook that a friend's beautiful gray and white cat, Lizzie, went missing in Ohio.  She was very worried and upset.  Don't give up, I told her.  Keep looking.  Keep trying. Don't give up.

You see? That's me.  Don't quit.  Saner people will probably reply, move on.  Time will heal your wounds.

My friend wrote me a few days ago, noting it had been over ten days without any sign of Lizzie. She was giving up.  

I refused to acknowledge that. What evidence was there of what happened?  Lizzie could still be out there. And while I wrote comforting words to my friend, I didn't acknowledge that it's over, Lizzie is gone forever.  

Now I would like to write a wonderful story that Lizzie has come back to her.  That hasn't happened, yet.

I'll share instead, the story of Little Puss, a black cat who disappeared as a seven month old kitten.  Ten years later, he's come home.  http://www.lifewithcats.tv/2012/10/16/little-puss-returns-to-his-family-after-10-years/

I'll share the story of Jar Kitty, from Life With Cats, who disappeared.  Then a story circulated of a cat running around with its head caught in a peanut butter jar.  That cat survived twenty days in 90 degree F heat with its head in a peanut butter jar until someone, chasing her, stalking her, never giving up, caught her and freed her.  

There is the story of the dog poisoned and buried.  A passerby saw the ground quiver as the dog went through its death throes.  The man didn't give up, digging the dog up and taking him for help.  Neither did the fire rescue team that rushed the dog to the vet, nor the vet that kept the dog alive and returned him to good health.  

And there is the story of JK Rowling, a single mother, working as a waiter and trying to become a published writer.  There is the story of Kathryn Stockette, author of "The Help," submitting it for five years and being rejected over fifty times.

So, giving up is hard for me.  There are too many stories out there of people and animals who don't give up.