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Giving It Back

So, you know, Iran has America's super secret stealth spy drone, and America wants it back. It's embarrasing for the US because Iran either shot it down or it experienced mechanical failure, and the vehicle has a wealth of sophisticated technology. It's our and we want it back, damn it, especially since Iran is talking about giving it to China, I guess as a present, sort of like France did when they gave the US the Statue of Liberty, back when France and the US were BFF and we weren't so upset with them that we renamed French Fries as Freedom Fries, to teach France a lesson and show them how upset we are.

Not the first time someone had something of ours and we wanted it back. We went through that with those evil Ruskies, too. The Ruskies were part of an evil empire out to control the world's economy and influence global politics. They had a bases everywhere and a big military force, capable of attacking anyone, and they told everyone they were willing to use it by using military force everywhere. Like, I think there was one time when they sent tanks in to Hungary after some students started demonstrating and protesting and leading strikes. Those damn students are always protesting something somewhere, causing trouble. Shame on them.

Anyway, back when the Russians were part of the Soviet Union, they shot down a spy plane and captured its pilot. Some people of a certain age, if you mention the incident, will immediately say, Francis Gary Powers. Others, when you say, "U2", will ask, "The rock group?" 

The other group might then ask, "What rock group?"

And the second group will answer, "U2."

"Me, too, what?" the first group will respond, getting a little testy because they think they're being used as part of a joke because the other group is laughing and they don't get the joke.

"No," the other group will say, trying to cover their mouths to keep the betraying laughter from stealing out, "no, the rock group. You know, Bono, the Edge?"

Now the first group will deliver a withering gaze of contempt on the second group and shake their head with a little moue of disgust. "I don't know what you're talking about. You're not making sense."

Other things that didn't make sense to many people was when the Iranians -- them again! -- took our embassy and kept our people hostage for a long, long time. Or how about that time that Khmer Rouge (which isn't a rock group) seized that ship of our's, the USS Mayaguez, and its crew, or when the North Koreans captured the USS Pueblo and its crew, thereby giving new meaning forever to the phrase, "Hawaiian good luck sign".

The US wasn't directly involved in it but there was also the time a Soviet Pilot flew his MIG 25 Foxbat to Japan and asked for asylum. The Soviets demanded their plane back, and the US and Japan returned it, in boxes, so there is precedence for one country returning something that belongs to another country without going to war.

There are also incidents were things weren't returned, like the MIG 15s flown into other countries when their pilots defected, or the Arab Soviet built tanks Israel captured during their war in 1967. I don't know anything about international law or what the rules are when one country captures the spy toys that belong to another country. I think it depends, you know, on their attitudes, and how they approach it. This one might go on for a while and become something else because both are asking the other one to apologize and both are refusing to do so. 

It's hard to say what will happen at this point and how we'll remember it. 

Oh, boy, news just came in that another US drone crashed in the Seychelles. I bet the Seychelles give it back, no problem. Why can't Iran be more like them?