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Gas Prices Are Down, Walking Is Up

June was a great month for gas prices to tumble in our area. My benchmarker fell below $4.00 a gallon for the first time in several months, dropping over eighty cents in that calendar space. They tell me refineries are back on line and producing, and inventories are up because demand is down, ergo prices will follow the market and drop. 

My walking surged in June, fueled by opportunity and weather. I count nine days where I walked over five miles. On five of those, I walked seven or more.

In a bookstore yesterday, I saw a Bill Bryson book. He's the one that rekindled my walking enthusiasm with "A Walk in the Woods" about walking the Appalachian Trail. I'd been a walker but then thought, why should I drive to do simple matters? If I walk, I gain exercise, save the environment from my car's wear and tear, leave miles off the car, and save money by buying less gas. Win, win, win.

More tangible now but an unknown intangible back then was how much my spirit would benefit from my walks. I saw more of my world by slowing down and walking through it and discovered more of my mind and my self. Walking required less mental energy, freeing me to think and reflect more. Although I love the exercise, health and other aspects of walking, the chance to be alone and think has become my greatest reason for walking. 

So here's to you, here's to me, here's to taking a walk.