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Freckles on your Chest

My wife and I espied a van as we were driving.  Its side shouted in red script, "We'll clean the dickens out of your home."

I laughed.  "I never understood that expression." I remembered my grandfather sternly telling me that he'd spank the dickens out of me if I did something again.  My great grandmother told me that I scared the dickens out of her once when I pulled a prank.  I never thought about it until now, but what is the dickens?  

Did it come from THE famous Dickens, Charles?  Did he have a cleaner service before he made it big as a writer?  "Dickens Cleaning Service, Esq., recommended by orphanages and royalty."  Is that the true untold story about how Dickens met all those orphans?  

Competition caught on. "Why, we're just as good as Dickens Cleaning Service at 'alf the price."

"Sure, we'll clean the dickens out of your home," Oliver piped up.

All that doesn't make sense about my grandfather spanking the dickens out of me or grand grandma telling me I scared the dickens out of her.  

Fortunately we arrived home soon and googled it before our brains lost interest, thereby learning that dickens was another reference to the devil.  

Someday, children will hear someone warn, "I'm going to drop a dime on you," and the child will wonder, what's a dime?  Even once they learn that it's money, they might wonder, why will I drop it?  What will that do?

While doing research on dickens, we found the following reference.  Isn't the Internet a fascinating mine?

Do all olde women have freckles on their chests?i spied on older ladies at pool and i see freckles on them all and i see some have hair growing from nips too.why is that

Additional Detailslisten gracie and listen up good.
I groom my body to pefection and I'm very sorry that you don't.
I'm old enough to put you over my knee and spank the dickens out of your cute hiney.
I make it shiney

1 year ago

GraceGraceA Top Contributor is someone who is knowledgeable in a particular category.Best Answer - Chosen by AskerAnd you're like 10.... with x-ray, nipple-viewing vision? Freckles are typically from sun damage. Years of tanning. As far as body hair, that's a simple hormonal thing. Some women-- old or young-- have some little bit of unwanted body hair. The amount depends on hormones, heredity, age and hair removal regime. 

Don't worry, you'll grow body hair of your own some day.

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Asker's Rating:5 out of 5Asker's Comment:Grace,
what is it gonna take ?--when will I see that smooth milky skin.Those freckled mams of yours? How i lust for you.You are all female and I am all male.Let's put us together and see what we can do!!

wuu whoo!!
c'mon gracie..let your hair down and live a little!Other Answers (1)

Spying on old women at a pool to me is creepy!!!!!

  • 1 year ago