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Fireworks! Explosions! Pop, pow, bang!

Had more nocturnal dreams with the white robed man last night. He taught me more although the lessons' details all escape recollection. The best I can remember is that he said something to me about Crohn's disease. I don't know if he was trying to tell me that I or someone else had it or he was just making small talk. Waking this morning, I looked it up and read about it. I don't have any of the cited symptoms, thanks. 

Now my head is exploding with story and novel ideas, along with non-fiction I would like to write. There are short science fiction and fantasy stories, a short story murder mystery has wrangled space in my head, and a new fantasy novel keeps trying to write itself. I seemed to have been awaiting something in the last few days. Now my energy has shifted. Sun? Moon? Stars, or dreams? I don't know. I'll accept the change.

Ah, writing. Such a joyful experience.

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Interesting... I would love


I would love someone to visit me in my dreams, but I guess mine are quite vivid anyway. Last night I remember chasing down to garbage men who had the nerve to keep bumping our car in order to keep us  moving faster. I'm still trying to figure out the symbolism of that one!

Glad you've got some terrific story ideas.


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Some dreams really can baffle you, can't they?

Don't have any clues to offer you on that one. 

Lovely to have so many ideas but now comes the challenge of selecting from them and telling stories around them. Thanks for reading and commenting. Cheers

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Michael, Your dream reads

Michael, Your dream reads like the beginning of a wonderfully strange short story. Please excuse me, but some of your posts make me think or feel short story potential. I'm glad to see you're going to start keeping everything! Which I saw in your other post. Your blogs often inspire me with ideas. I actually wrote a small clip on the delete button. It's all in good fun. I may post it, even though I thought of hitting the delete button myself.

So glad to hear your head is exploding with ideas! Your energy is contagious.

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Hi Mary,

I had not thought of that as a story's beginning but now you've piqued my imagination. No need for excuses, I'm pleased you hear think or feel of short stories and hope you can develop some from whatever I put out there. Love to hear your thoughts on the delete button. Imagine a short story about the use and abuse of your delete button to keep memories. What do you delete, and if you delete some, what is the impact on the rest? How much context is lost? 

Thanks for reading and commenting. Prosit