where the writers are

I'm feeding the cat, listening to a call about a new product offering.  

The product offering is actually pretty exciting on one hand but it's another bell tolling for my little group of products.  The new offering is about the cloud and big data analytics, and it truly has huge implications in how data can be analyzed and insights can be discovered.  My stuff, hardware security, is dull, tedious stuff.  Most folks don't even want to think about it.  

But listening to the call, the epiphany arrived regarding my character in "Ghosts of Ashland." That's how or why he and his co-workers were chosen as unsuspecting 'volunteers'.  They are techs, but they are also the lab mice. They don't know that, though.  It's about expectations.

Fascinating how the brain works.  While writing the short story, I kept wondering what exactly was happening and why.  I've said before, sometimes it's as if I've been dropped into another world where I'm already watching something in progress.  Scenes and insights are tight at first:  I see a small space, usually one face. I can see the character looking around.  I begin to see and hear what they experience, and then I hear some of their thinking.  As I enter their thinking, I begin to see more of their world and their current situation.  Dropping into their skin and mind more, I experience their life.  I know their past and their interaction with their present situation and the other characters.

But - and it's a big but - a life is a nexus of a billion other lives - humans, plants - and in a sense, the lives of empires, corporations, planets, energy, viruii, and dreams - interacting in one person's reality.  They don't know that all of those things are happening, and these things happen in ways and whys not always predictable.  Get into fractals and predictors about that, or just look at your own life;  what would have happened if you said no instead of yes? If you had taken the trip and gotten on the aircraft that crashed - but would the aircraft have crashed if you had gotten on it?  Am I talking about Fate, Determinism, or parallel universes and individual realities? "For want of a nail, a kingdom was lost."

Now, though, the tough part;  I need to keep working until I can get free and start the writing day. Need to keep burning until then.  It's difficult, though, to not turn off the phone, turn away from work computer, and dive right into the writing. 

Back to work.