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Driving, Walking, Thinking

Driving and walking are both conducive to thinking for me, so I enjoy them. As I plot the novel and its next activity, the hero is at a crossroads. Six paths are available. One is to do nothing, but that isn't acceptable. That isn't her way. 

Another was metaphysical. While it tempted me, it didn't seem the right venue. That left four others, and they're all literally doors. What happens if she goes through each one will be different. 

Her problem's nature as facet of science fiction and fantasy turned me to thinking about the eleven dimensions and time. I like theorizing that everything emits time particles but took another step yesterday, realizing essentially that while everything emits time particles, there essentially exists a time element within everything. It's that time element's decaying that causes particles to be emitted. The rate of emissions decline as the time element decays.

The particles emitted are not all the same, either. Although we as humans emit the 'human time particle', they are not all the same. I could probably create a periodic table of how many human time particles can exist, and then each would have isotopes and variations. That's why some people manage time better than others; they're more in tune with their own particles and less affected by others' time particles. Some people meanwhile emit time particles that slow time. Manufactured furniture does as well, which is why so many meetings and school classes seem to take forver. Blame the time particles involved.

As time particles interact, they create our perception of our reality's substance. Once again, I compare time particles to water drops. One on your hand has little impact and exhibits an unprecdictable course but predictable behavior. As you add drops, the impact grows. Compare a drop of water to an ocean's tsunami. Like water, too, time appears uniform, and reflects is influences its surroundings. Qualitatively analyse water that looks the same and you discover that they're not the same. This likewise happens with time particles, although this needs more thinking.

Fun thinking about these things and playing with these ideas. They may be crazy but there's no harm in toying with them. It certainly passes some time while walking and driving. 

No pun intended.