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Dreams and Pursuits

Writers met in Ashland to share a table and chat while we ate and drank.  I was a few minutes late. I'd been writing and lost track of time.  

Russ wasn't there as he'd taken off back at the beginning of June.  Some people wanted to rent his house for the summer so Russ and his wife rented out the house and traveled around America in an RV.  I thought that pretty cool and admire Russ and his plan.  

BE announced tonight that she's going to spend the winter up in the mountains at a house by the lake, getting out there to devote more time to write her book about wolves.  She's been thinking about this for a few months.  It means giving up the home she's been renting and putting most of her possessions into storage.  She'll visit town to work a few times a week and spend the rest of the time devoting herself to her writing.  But first she's heading to Yellowstone national park to stay with some fellow wolf fans and study wolves. I love how she's bringing it all together.  

She's been helping a pair of teachers write a book about wolves to help teach children.  Beckie helped them edit and rewrite their book.  That ended up as a discussion about how writers view sentences, paragraphs and words differently, and how we approach writing matters differently, depending on who asks for the help and the end goal.  "How does this sound?" probably means they want reassurance that their work doesn't make them sound stupid, that it's readable.  The plea, "Can you help me write this?" means something much different, as does, "I don't know how to write this," and, "This sucks.  Please write this for me."

Meanwhile, BO continues amazing me.  She began the night by announcing that she interviewed for a job on Monday.  She didn't get it but the woman interviewing her thought Becky might be ideal for some contract work coming up.  I was astounded.  Becky is teaching six online courses, taking a Spanish class for an upcoming class to Paraguay, and, with another writer, having a non-fiction book published.  Lots on her plate, and she's piling more on.

That's why I enjoy meeting with them.  Besides being intelligent people, writers, and fun, they share these stories and plans, and they inspire me.  They're putting in the time to pursue their dreams and passions, and their plans give me the fuel to keep me going.  Likewise, I do my best to encourage them.  

It's all the work of dreams.  Now, the cats are asleep and the wife is reading in bed. Time to write like crazy.