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Disappointments in the Contraceptive Debate

Sad to hear Rush Limbaugh call Sandra Flukes, let's see -- a slut and a prostitute -- because she wanted to testify about the costs and problems women encounter acquiring prostitution. Calling her such names added nothing to the vigorous discourse so why did he do it? Is that what his shows and producers really expect and demand? 

That Sarah wasn't even talking about herself is even more astounding; Rush extends his contempt and name slinging to people discussing the idea, and not people using contraceptives. Doesn't speak much for his intelligence and character, nor for his show and his base.

Then Patricia Heaton piled on. 


But wait...why?

Sandra Flukes was speaking.  So, should a woman speaking up on issues be silenced? That's what Patricia Heaton implies...unless...you know, she doesn't know what she was talking about, and did not have a grasp of the facts. 

No, that can't be so, can it?

That must be the case though, because otherwise, Patricia Heaton advocates sending condoms to woman like Sandra Flukes so she will never reproduce...people like Sarah Flukes, who speak their mind and stand up for their rights and beliefs?

But wasn't that what Patricia Heaton was doing?


My apologies, don't know where my mind is, but I was calling Ms Flukes Sarah. Her correct name is Sandra. 

Maybe a glass of wine will restore my presence of mind.


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The answer to our problems is a little latex?

I must admit - I don't find many of these "crap slingers" informative or even entertaining.

There's enough misery, and negativity in the world without searching for it on the airwaves.  I think Rush should retire.

Excellent post.