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Defriended Murder

Continued thinking about this after walking away. My plot ideas were too simplistic or the Writer just wanted to consider it in a more fun light. Anyway, the Writer thought, no, neither the defriender not the defriended would be the killer. One of them would be the victim (and here, being the defriender, I'm thinking it will be the defriended) but the killer would be someone else, taking advantage of the situation to kill someone under guise of the situation. Encourage the defriended to vent hell on the defriended and even stalk him and threaten him (casually, coolly) with a gun. Meanwhile, the one encouraging the defriended take his gun, kills him and plants the gun at the defriender's house. The three know each other from high school but the killer's motive was something the defriended did to a mutual female friend back in high school. He didn't think much of him then but reconnected with her via Facebook and discovered how much the event affected her and her life. Feeling guilty and then angry, he decided the defriended needs to attone for his casualy cruelty with death.

Yeah, it's a crazy mind at work.