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Debating the Debate Debates

ThnkProgress sent me an email with a story on it, "At last night's debate, Romney told 31 myths in 41 minutes." While I opened it to see what myths were being spread by Romney, I wondered, what about Obama's myths? Was he s;preading anything?  

To the Google!  Searching on variations of Obama, debate, and myth, I discovered very little about Obama's myths.  I mostly found that the Candy Crowley was not doing her job because she's not supposed to be checking facts and was too involved in the debate, bad little journalist.  

I discovered that the questions were thought by some to be biases and that Obama was given more time, by like, several minutes.  

Most importantly, I discovered that it didn't matter how Obama did in the debate.

One segment said, it doesn't matter because Romney was so brilliant and intelligent, he awoke America from its stupor and showed the real Mitt Romney, and not the one that, "Obama and eager accomplices in the mainstream media" had fabricated.  The fabricated Romney Obama and the media had created were not accurate at all.  

I was sort of puzzled about which Romney had shown up at the debates between the Republican nominees but the article didn't address that.  I deduced it must have been the one Obama and his accomplices had created;  otherwise, the accurate portrayal of who Mitt Romney is would have already sold the Undecideds on him and they wouldn't be Undecided.  But no, that's specious.

Also perplexing me was how Mitt Romney's image in the mainstream media was affected by Fox News.  Was Fox News part of the mainstream media, and were they Obama's accomplices? 

The other segment talking about the irrelevance of Obama's second debate performance believe that it doesn't matter because Obama already knows Romney has won the third debate. 

So who won the debate debates?  Romney spun myths, Crowley favored Obama, and that debate didn't matter.

Looks like it's open for debate.