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Bubbles & Domes

On a break. Sort of tired, pondering whether I'll continue editing or get up and walk home or go for a longer walk. Been here for over two and a half hours. My mocha is cold. Half remains. My ass is asleep, of course, my common writing complaint, but my eyes and neck are also tired. A part of me just want to go relax, too, maybe read a book.

Cue, "Should I stay or should I go now?" At least it'll replace "I woke up in love this morning," lodged in there by a talented writer's book of the same name, a book review and people's comments on some blog.

But as I'm sitting here on break, thinking of domes, I started thinking of bubbles. I have recurring themes and they cycle through my mind and writing in trends. I post these ideas again and again in my blog posts, evolving different tacks on them, often as I forgot my previous take on them. So now I'm thinking of a short story of domes on another planet that we settle where they are no longer in contact with one another and then forget the other is there. Then there's a story of the differences that have evolved in the domes. What else? I don't know but it's worming its way into my brain.

Domes. Bubbles. People. History. Reality. There are always stories to be told, real and imagined.