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Just a few passing items from this morning....

Got up at 4, let the cats out, rose at 5:45, let them back in and fed them. Went back to bed and turned off my internal alarm clock. I decided to sleep in. Dozed, dreamed, pondered dreams and mused. Scheckter the Gingerbear joined me, his head on my pillow, his face opposite mine, a few inches away. Each time I drifted awake and opened my eyes, I studied his cream, ginger and burnt orange brush stokes and he would awake, open his eyes and study me back. Finally I rose, having slept the morning away.

It was 8 AM.


It's an automatic habit for most to wave when they think someone waves at them. Having been embarrassed by someone 'waving at me' when they weren't, I arrested the habit, replacing it with a practice of identifying who waved at me before reciprocating. Sometimes they've zipped by and I need to turn and wave at the vehicle speeding  away.

Yesterday, walking through Ashland with my wife, I pointed at a bartender in the Sports Zone. "Look, he's wearing Santa Clara baseball shirt."

Turning, he saw me and waved....  The wave faded. He frowned.

"He thinks he knows you," my wife said. "He thought you were waving."

"No, he wonders who I am," I replied.


I prepared to leave for my coffee. My wife asked, "Are you having a Mexican Mocha?"

Curious question. A Mexican Mocha is the the standard drink of writers in my morning routines. "Yes."

She made a face and accompanied it by miming gagging. 


"Too much chocolate," she said. "I had enough last night at the Chocolate Maker's Dinner."

I was horrified. "You can never have too much chocolate."


The woman ahead of me put in her order at The Beanery, starting with food and finishing, "And I was thinking of having coffee."

The barrista answered, "Are you having coffee? It sounded like you were changing your mind."

The customer laughed. "No, I speak Spanish so sometimes I choose my words wrong."


Jenna Fay asked me, "Have you noticed that announcers like to say, 'If you're just tuning in, the score is 20 to 10'? I always wonder what the score is if you've been tuned in the entire game."


The Christian barrista on break closed his bible and set it down, joining others in conversation about a co-worker. "He's a Mormon," he said, "and he's a little strange, but otherwise, he's okay."


We talked about the late Davy Jones of The Monkees last night. "Only nerds liked The Monkees," my nerd friend explained. "If you were cool, you liked The Beatles. The Monkees weren't cool. The Beatles were great but The Monkees were just another band."

"What about The Doors?" I asked.

She grinned. "Oh, The Doors were the coolest! I loved The Doors."


I've developed a new habit. I like watching women watch men, and watch men watch women. When someone enters a place, I identify their sex and look around to see who watches, and how they watch.


It's amazing how often I post something and read it later and see a typo. Gads, it's painful to know how horrible I type and spell. I won't even begin to talk about syntax and grammar.

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Michael, After a jam packed


After a jam packed day I enjoyed sitting down and reading your random observations. I love reading snippets from someone's day. It reminds me I am not the only one who notices the little things that other's miss.


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Loved your observations,

Loved your observations, Michael! I enjoy doing this too wherever I am. Sometimes I wish it were more convenient to carry a notebook and jot my observations without others noticing, like in line at a store. Hmm. You gave me an idea. Maybe I need to find a small notebook I can wear around my neck. If I can't find one, I'll make one with a pen attached!