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Brief Christmas Tales

Christmas Cookies.  We ran into a friend while we were out shopping yesterday. She was quite distracted, studying loaves of French baguettes with deep intensity.  "Hello," we said to her, several times, calling her name.  She finally responded to a tug on her coat.

"Sorry," she exclaimed.  "I'm so glad I found this bread.  My children are coming to my house, along with their children and their children's children.  I have a house full of people coming to Christmas.  I need to get ready. They're coming today, to make cookies."  As she laughed, she went on, "When my children were young, I made Christmas cookies with them every year.  I thought that when they became adults, they would want to stop.  But no!  'Of course we want to make Christmas cookies with you, Mom,' they told me.

"And so do their children, and their children's children...oh my goodness, I have twenty-three children coming home to make Christmas cookies with me!"

Books for Children.  A friend collected donated books to regift to needy children.  The response was great.  Amongst the books, though, was one featuring Sesame Street and its characters.  Every time he hit a bump, the book began playing the Sesame Street theme song.

The first time it struck, he paused with surprise, trying to figure out what it was and where it was coming from.  By the third bump, he was beginning to sing along with it.  By the tenth, he was going crazy.  Sometime after that, he just kept hearing the song over and over and over in his head, long after the books were gone.