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Body Shapes

My wife is suffering from some health issues so we want out for breakfast at lunch. No, it wasn't brunch. Yes, there's a difference. 

While there, a heavy elderly man entered, followed by another woman, I assumed to be his wife. They carried that married couple aura. He looked like he was in his sixties, with a silver burr top highlighting his cherry, stubbled face. About five ten, he looked like he weighed around 310 pounds. Not a healthy 310, either. His wife, five four, was a petite version of him, overweight in an unhealthy way.

I heard them discussing their choices of omelets and which cheese to have in it. I wondered what was happening in their bodies and how they viewed themselves. Have they decided to be fatalistic and think, screw it, I'm going to die, I'll eat what I want until my heart stops?

This returned today as I watched a young couple in the coffee shop. A slender woman, she appeared to be in her mid-twenties. Her gut was hanging over her shorts, pushing out her yellow shirt. He, in his late twenties, was about six feet tall and had mountain emerging, jutting straight out where his stomach should be. What's their thoughts on their weight, body shape, eating habits and health? 

I don't know. Perhaps I'm too aware of body shapes and health. Many we should just eat and let eat. We're always quantifying the effects of poor health on our costs to society. Perhaps I'm looking at it the wrong way, socialized to think of health in dollars and sense as well as the quality of life. When you're healthy and not overweight, you have more energy, feel better, and so on. So the story goes, backed up by lots of anecdotal information and many studies. 

We're a funny society, here in MAML. We have the technology to enjoy quality time, be aware of our health and improve it, and to make our lives matter, yet our choices often run counter to these things. Let's blame it on nature. Perhaps nature is sabotaging us because we're becoming too successful, and nature likes to keep things in balance. Great novels have been written about this idea, like "The Children of Men." 

Maybe there's another one to be written.