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Another Strange Dream

I dreamed I was one of two people selected to go into space as an observer.  I knew the other person, a man, but didn't recognize him from index of real life people.  

We went onto the spacecraft, a white, clean vessel.  The other observer and I then engaged in identifying our souvenir tee shirts.  What should we wear?  This seemed very important to us.  We held different ones up and then realized, we were launching.  Going to the front, we discovered, actually, we had launched.  We were in space.  Yet we weren't weightless;  we had no great views of Earth or space.  

Instead, we donned our space suits and talked to the crew.  What could we do to help?  After a bit, I decided to important thing to do is pick up a rag and some cleanser and walk around removing residue, cleaning and polishing.


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Do you think this dream means

Do you think this dream means you should go back to basics and focus your energy?

Or have you been watching sci-fi movies, lately?

Happy Thanksgoving to you and yours, Michael.

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That is what I think ~

When I told my wife of the dream, that's what she thought, too.  Get back to basics and focus your energies.  

I think that's what it means.  

Thank you for reading and commenting, and for the holiday wishes.  Cheers