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Another Day in the Office

Roof caved in on my work plans this AM.  Same damn thing – first world Internet connectivity blues.

Second verse is about the smart phone’s poor signal when I called into the conference call.

“Can you hear me now?”




“Are you there?”

“Yes!  Are you there?”

“Yes, I’m here.”

“Did you hear what I said?”

“What? Hello?”

Lost the conference call on the smart phone due to the weak signal.  Called in again and lost it again. 

Called to the ISP to see what they could see see see, hoping there was something they could do do do.  Reached voice mail. Wouldn’t be open until 8 AM in two hours, alas, so that all I that I could do do do was sigh and leave a message. 

Sat back and read the paper. Robert Plant will perform at the Britt.  New charges against a local man accused of killing his wife.  He and his sister are accused of trying to hire a man to kill a witness.  94 acres around Normal Avenue are being studied for development.  Not much in the police log, people arrested for outstanding warrants, possession of small amounts of marijuana, driving under the influence.

Drank coffee.  Did the Sudoku.  Read the comics.  It’s a small paper and a medium level Sudoku.  Ten minutes elapsed.  Executed some stretching exercises although I’m in jeans and a shirt.  Don’t want to be grunting and sweating in them.  I considered returning to the bedroom and changing but my wife and cats are asleep in there. 

Made breakfast – simple oatmeal with brown sugar and cinnamon.  I added a dill pickle chip in honor of Judee Fong.  Kidding!  Considered the pickle but decided to pass. 

6:45.  Typed up my blues.  Guess I’ll fiddle with some spreadsheets.


I suspected the city has a problem – the city runs the community owned fiber network.  We support it by using a local ISP that uses it but the outages strain my will to continue supporting them. 

I thought that since it was a city problem, the system would come back online about 8 AM.  I also suspected I would need to power cycle.  Eight arrived and no connectivity.  I power cycled. No change.  Called Tech Support. 

“Yes, the city did some planned maintenance last night.  Did you power cycle your system for at least five minutes?”

Yes, three times since 8 AM.

“Tech support’s lines are all busy.  I’ll transfer you to their voice mail.”


That was at nine AM.  Half an hour later, we were alles klar.