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A Wintry Scene

Snow has arrived early. It's probably part of the advance crew for winter.  

I should say, snow has reached the lower elevations and the valley floor. We're about 1800 feet and the snow level for our level is three inches, marking our first snowfall beyond traces and dustings.

It's beautiful out there, just like those iconic Currier & Ives snowy winter scenes.  Well, yes, the C&I scene's carriages are replaced by cars.  The cars seem a little less graceful than horse and carriage but we'll adjust.

Also, to get the beauty, you need to squint a little to eliminate the mid 20th century telephone and power lines.  But if you look just right and focus so you look past the power lines, it's as beautiful as a C&I scene.  Snow is glistening under dawn's peachy blue sky.  I'm looking out a western window that faces the street.  Rich green swaths of conifers topped with snow color the mountains behind the houses and the street.  The rising sun catches the mountain's folds and cast deep shadows around them.  Beautiful.

Although...to really make the scene beautiful, you need to edit a little more.  It's recycling and trash day.  Everyone has their gray or brown trash cans out, along with their big blue recycling bins.  Some also have their big green bins out, full of yard and garden waste, and a few have put out their blue boxes, with their glass.  There's also a pile of household junk by one house. It looks like a dining table and an easy chair.  Don't know what the story is there.  Guess they have some project going on.

But if you edit those out of your vision, it's a really pretty scene.

Just like Currier & Ives.


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I really like this piece.

I really like this piece.

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Thanks, Katherine ~

It was a whim that came to me as I listened to a conference call and looked out the window.  Thanks for stopping by.  Good seeing you.  Cheers