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A Sister's Birthday

Today we celebrate my sister's birthday.  She's our tribe's youngest member, Mom's final hoorah as a new Mom.

Celebrate is relative.  It's different than how it was when we were children.  Then, there would have been a party with cake and ice cream, gifts and cards.  Now there are Facebook greetings, phone calls and emails.  Her hubby will provide her presents and she'll celebrate with her small boys.   Watching her life progress, I have no doubt that her boys and husbands are the presents that keep her happiest.

It's remarkable to see her as a housewife in her mid-40s, a paralegal who is now a stay at home mother of two.  It's like that for all my siblings' transitions for me.  They've gone through seasons of change from interesting little girls to sweet girls to beautiful women and wives.  Four sisters are grandmothers, a challenging label to apply to your sisters.  Odd to hear children come up to your little sister and say, "Grandma Gina, look what I made." 

My two littlest sisters were very close growing up.  Teen age years split them apart and they warred for a while, then it became as calm and steady as March weather.   Now they celebrate every holiday and milestone as a unit, drawing in the other family members, creating the cohesion and closeness that they never had.  My Mom, in the years that they grew up, was still seeking to fulfill the quest she began as a young rebellious teenager, party and dating, seeking the right man to call her husband while struggling as a divorced woman to work and raise her children.  My little sisters, especially the smallest one, emerged from those years as a person determined to create and maintain a family. 

She does a splendid job of it.  Sometime this weekend, the sisters and Mom will come together with their husbands and offspring, other family members and friends and celebrate this birthday.  The birthday is the occasion but the celebration is for much more.

Happy birthday, sis.