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A Brief Work Rant

I'm regurgitating a chorus of the work computer blues.  Another day of coming to work and experiencing connectivity issues on my work computer.  It connects with the Internet and VPN but I can't reach the company's website, receive mail, connect to chat, et cetera. 

It's unsettling, and undermines my dimished morale and enthusiasm to work.  Yesterday, while on calls, the first hour and fifteen minutes was spent with diagnostics and trouble shooting.  Today was the first forty-five minutes. The system says, It's all good.  It's the other end, at the corporation's servers.  It's not you, it's me.  Well, no matter who 'it is', you're affected.

Like going out to start your car and...well, it doesn't start.  That's a poor analogy. I'm trying to convey the frustration. 

So it's like starting your car but being unable to go anywhere because the road is blocked.

There you go.