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A Beer

Meet with the "Brains On Beers" boys this evening after getting my hair cut.

The hair cut had to be done. T'was necessary. I was sort of looking like Michael Landon in his "Little House On The Prairie Days", without the thick richness, full head and dark color.

Had a lovely Ninkasi Oatmeal Stout, quite mellow, went well with pretzels and Maurice. Maurice has been expanding his repertoire, including Motown Medleys in addition to the blues. Today he added "Mustang Sally" and two oddities, "My Funny Valentine" and "I Left My Heart In San Francisco". He has a lovely voice, though, and can pull off many things that I, with my off key screeching, can't begin to achieve. I wish I could sing.

I can drink beer, however, and did so. Our subjects ranged from 14,000 on the moon to the SuperBowl, supply chain economics, income taxes, modems and personal physical security. Iarrived late and had to sit with my back to the room. That kicked my P factor into high gear. I've made great strides, though, in that regard, no longer scanning a room when I enter to find the exits. Still having my back to the room was uncomfortable. 

Fortunately, a little brew reduced my anxiety. As the song goes, "I like beer.  It makes me a jolly good fellow. I like beer. It makes me feel...mel...looow."

Since I didn't have a beer yesterday, I had two today, to make up for lost time.


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Beer!!!!  I saw the word and

Beer!!!!  I saw the word and just had to click on further to read :-)  Oh boy, your choice of beer sounds very sophisticated compared to my choices.  I guess I have a long way to go.  I think that you will live to be 100 with hair looking like Michael Landon!  :-)  Cheers

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Thought You Would

I figured you would see the beer and check it out. Even briefly toasted you as I finished my first pint, telling you, "There you go, Rina, finished one for health." Then I thought, one for health, two for luck, right?

Great going to an Irish Pub friends for a beer, especially as one friend is an ex-brewmaster. Oregon has lots of micro breweries, etc., so I'm constantly drinking, trying to quench my thirst about beer and its many flavors.

Thanks for commenting. Cheers