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10 Worst Cars

Edmunds.com outed the 100 worst cars ever at the year's beginning. I haven't taken up the article yet but saw an excerpt piece by Ted Reed on Main Street, which listed Edmund's top ten. 

Foreign cars: 3

GM: 5

Ford: 2

At least two of the foreign cars aren't likely to be a surprise: the Yugo and the Trabant. 

1987 Yugo Sport

The other one is more of a surprise. It's a BMW. Sure, it's from 1955, but still, the Isetta is a BMW. What's more surprising, the Isetta is a collector's car that commands 50Gs at auctions. 

Not bad for a 1 cylinder, 12 HP one door vehicle.

GM had five on the list, a bit disappointing for America's automotive contender. Cadillac, Saturn, Oldsmobile, Chevy, and Pontiac each put a car on the top ten. Chevy's Vega took a spot, mostly because it rusted and had poor fit quality. I drove one that my brother in law owned. It didn't blow me away but I didn't get out of the car in disgust.

On the other hand...the Pontiac Aztez took number one. I am not surprised. I've always considered it ugly.

2001 Pontiac Aztek

Bless them, though, they were trying to be different. You gotta admit, they succeeded. The Aztec had no grace to my eyes and worse, seemed like it had several different design teams working on it, unaware that they were developing one car. I believe that it could have been released as an updated Trabant SUV. 

From Ford comes a car that people love to hate, the historic Edsel. Few will be surprised by its inclusion. More surprising was the inclusion of a Ford icon, the original pony car, the Mustang. 

Really, the Mustang. But that needs to be qualified by the year and the style. The Mustang called out as number 2 on the hundred worst cars of all time was the 1974 edition, officially called the Mustang II. If you know about Mustangs and the eras, the Mustang prior to that had grown larger and more powerful with the passing years. Lotta people have memories of Shelby Mustangs, the Boss 302, the 351 Cobrajet, and the Mach I.  But America was just starting to cope with rising gas prices and fuel efficient Japanese and European imports. America had to fight back, and the 1974 Mustang was unleashed on the world. It may have been okay but its engine was small and lacked powerful, and it had tiny wheels.

1974 Ford Mustang

It was slow to accelerate with the base engine, taking about 13 seconds to reach 60, but it achieved 20 MPG, making it a market leader. Today's Toyota Prius reaches 50 MPG, combined city & highway, and accelerates to 60 in 10.1 seconds. It's a different world.

It is interesting that of the American entries to the top 10 list, 3 came from the 70s, one (the Edsel) was from the 50s, one (the Cadillac Cimmaron) was an eighty-four model, and the Saturn Ion was from 2003 and Pontiac Aztek was a 2001. Two of the foreign cars were from the 50s while the Yugo was an 87 model. 

I wonder what cars we're driving now will arrive on some future top 10 list?

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Michael, I can think of a few


I can think of a few that should go on a future list:

Buick Rendevous ( big, boxy and very ugly design)

Pontiac Transport ( van that looked like a dustbuster)

Ford Pinto ( death can)

Dodge Omni

Hummer (anywhere but the desert)

Pacer (wasn't that American Motors?)

My apologies if you drive one of the above named.



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You have a good list.

I don't disagree with any of your choices. With the Omni is its twin, the Horizon. I really though the Pacer would be part of the top 10.

Thanks for reading and commenting. Cheer