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Michael Scott's Biography

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Denver, Colorado
Mar 2011

From a very early age, Michael Scott has had an insatiable love for books and the ideas and teachings they offer. This passion was fostered by his parents — one a university administrator and the other a secondary school reading specialist — who believed in the value of critical thinking and knowledge.

Throughout his school years, Michael digested a variety of topics: American History, from the early colonial settlements and U.S. presidents to science-related topics, with a specific interest in the brain and how it functions.

While obtaining his degree in sociology from The Ohio State University, Michael delved into new genres such as philosophy, social theory, anthropology, astronomy, and religion. Upon graduation, he focused on leadership, management and psychology-related subjects to support his development as a human resources professional.

In 1995, amid a number of major life transitions, Michael stumbled upon a book that would forever change his life. The book, Sacred Hoops: Spiritual Secrets of a Hardwood Warrior by former NBA player and prolific basketball coach, Phil Jackson, shook Michael’s value system to the core. Michael became immersed in Jackson’s life journey, which explored the intersection between ones vocation and ones spirituality. From this book, Michael learned to acknowledge and accept his own unorthodox views of life in terms of the sacred quest for enlightenment.

Today, Michael is the co-host of Bookmark Radio, an online show featuring page turning reading experiences and discussions. His mission is to cultivating a world where books are a catalyst for life exploration, critical thinking and the discovery of fresh ideas that spur social change and make the world a better place.