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21by Michael Turner

(I originally wrote this on my Twenty first anniversary)

Twenty One

Twenty one years ago, on a cold winter day, a soldier climbed into a truck in Anchorage Alaska. He was nervous, anxious, and unsure of himself. He didn’t doubt the mission that had to be done. He just didn’t know if he had the metal to be the man he needed to be. It was nearly a white out as they headed down the road. Some thought they were crazy. Some said that it would never work. The soldier wanted this more than anything in the world. This turned out to be his best decision ever!

Along the way, an out was issued. “Once we get past this bridge we can’t turn back”. The truck slid on the road but the four wheel drive truck stayed true, the driver had many years of experience. Finally they made it to Palmer Alaska. They needed to seek out an official and do what needed to be done. Two dogs painfully barked as the travelers walked by. Finally they found the house of the Mayor/Justice of the Peace.

As they entered the home, the soldier was in awe of the eclectic items inside the house. His eyes had never seen anything like this before. He thought to himself that this was a very strange but comforting place. Still nervous another out was issued. “Are you sure you want to go through with this”. Deep in his heart he knew that he wanted this more than any of these people could ever imagine.

These memories are still vivid in my mind. You see, I was the soldier. The mission was to marry my wife. The Driver was my soon to be father in law. This was a strange day for a kid from Texas. Like I said though, it turned out to be the best decision I ever made. I love my wife now more than ever. I respect her even though sometimes she make’s me want to bash my head in. She can still make me punch a wall anytime she wants to (I have a bruised knuckle as you read this). She can out run most animals and she is the greatest lover on the planet.

Palmer Alaska, January 1987