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There are times when people annoy me. If you know me, this will not come as any surprise. If you don’t know me then you will get to know that this is no surprise to those that know me. With that tidbit of information out of the way, let me continue with my story.

People who think only of others really get me miffed! You know the type. They go out of their way to do things or get things for other people only to deny themselves the same pleasures or even needs. What is wrong with these people? I dare say they must be completely mentally ill! I know you must think that I am cold hearted saying such things but lets be honest. How many times have you denied yourself something so that someone else could have it?

Now, understand, I am not talking about your kids, family or loved ones. I am talking about some random stranger. Some thing that you need but instead give to someone else who needs it. I am talking about the little old lady giving her retirement away to a TV. preacher while she has no food. I am talking about the guy who gives his money away to the fellow worker and can’t feed his own family. They do it, and really are doing it because they want to help. I am talking about this offender! It is maddening to me! I once worked with a man that was making seventy thousand dollars a year and was living in church furnished housing because he could not pay his rent. Why? Strippers! He was not messing around with them. He actually thought he was leading them to the lord. He thought by giving them his paycheck, they would not have to work!            

Have you done this? Have you seen these acts? Should we be locking these people up in jails? Mental institutions? Should we require a written test before you are issued a paycheck? You be the judge.

Charity is not supposed to be harmful to the giver! So give all you can and help as many people as you can without harming yourself or others. Make yourself the primary priority! If you see someone committing this offence, do him a favor! Hit him on the head and take his money. Chances are he will actually thank you for it later! Merry Christmas everybody (and do not actually rob anyone, that was just a joke!)