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Rise of the Guardians Movie Review

Rise of the Guardians (2012, Directed by Peter Ramsey) is a movie that will delight children. The immortal guardians team up to protect the innocent children all around the world. While Santa appears to be out of his usual dress code, he still fills the screen with his jolly presence. Jack Frost is characterized well as the new immortal guardian that not only saves children but saves himself from the loss of memory of his past. The tooth fairy adds color to the Christmas spirit with her angelic like presence. The story is one that can reach the hearts of both parents and children as we enjoy the Holiday Season. A must see on the big screen with the excellent modern day motion picture effects. The story is simple—children need to be protected. As an adult in the wake of the Newton, Connecticut Massacre, I found myself deeply moved by the need to protect children portrayed by the characters in the movie. The innocent child thinks of snow and presents and joy at this time of the year. For the children that were victims of this devilish crime, this was ended so abruptly for them in Newton, Connecticut this December 2012. America and the rest of the world offer their deepest condolences to the families of these children. Protection is necessary for all people but most importantly for the precious children. Hug your child, protect them, and when you watch this movie with them, remember those unfortunate that may not have had the opportunity to share the experience this Holiday season. Be thankful to have these precious children with you and keep them close to your heart. Written by Author of the book Mastering Self-Motivation, Michael Provitera.