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Deathryde: Rebel Without a Corpse
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The Washington Times
The Washington Times

If you have a taste for slambang satire that plays games with the names of dead celebrities from James Dean to Barbara Stanwyck and a hearse driver with the marvelous name of Coffin Joe, Michael P. Naughton's Deathryde: Rebel without a Corpse (Gilded Hearse Press, $12.95, 183 pages), is your kind of book. It's the story of a gang of criminal undertakers engaged in a caper known as "Harold and Maude" involving a group of Hollywood funeral homes and an ancient but unforgotten mafia heist. Mr. Naughton is a professional screenwriter and you can tell. He is flip and quite often funny and understands the value of brevity as few current writers do. This is the kind of book that can even take your mind off flying as you try to decipher the short takes of the plot