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I Thought So: A Book Of Epigrams
Date of Review: 
Sue Garrett

“If you enjoy seeing things from a different angle, then this is the book for you.” As soon as I reached this line on the back cover of “I Thought So: A Book of Epigrams”, I eagerly turned the book over and began reading. I wasn’t certain what an epigram was, but that line certainly described me. Turning to the introduction, I found the author’s definition of an epigram: “An epigram is a few words equaling many, a distilled thought.” Oh, okay (?). Reading further I reached the first epigram:

“It is easy to forgive an insult,
But harder to forget one.”

Imagine my surprise to discover that I have read and enjoyed epigrams for years. I had just never had a name for them.
Author Michael Lipsey sorts his collection of original epigrams into 26 categories, ranging from attitude and food to death and love. Although I enjoyed many in each category, I found that many of my favorites were grouped in the same few categories, such as manners, attitude, and morality.