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It might be spring

"Any kind of weather will do if you are an indoorsy person."

Spring is here, perhaps, with a few fits and starts -- and here in paradise...

"In California the weather is wonderful, but people complain about it just as much." 

And I am getting out my spring flowers and my spring epigrams, such as:

"On a beautiful day you can bathe in the air."

Last fall I cleared out a section of our lot that we had never used before:

"When you have poison oak you love nature a little less."

And yet, "My backyard is wilderness enough."  

And while pulling a few weeds I see that:

"An ant doesn't look like it knows where it's going, but it does."

Time to put up the hammock between two oaks... 










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People complain too much indeed

Lots of us lucky Californians are glass half empty kind of people. When someone else’s is shoving snow, we should never complain about our partially cloudy blue sky.

It’s a beautiful day out there.

Renjie Wang      redroom.com

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