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How to achieve 100% of your New Year's Resolutions!
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These last days of the year are a good time to recall how much of it you’ve wasted, while neglecting those things you were absolutely determined to do when it began. In a few days we will begin the physical (gorged on sweets), financial (maxed plastic) and spiritual (why am I wasting my so brief time on earth?) healing from the holiday season. Why not give yourself a break this year and resolve to do no works of self or home improvement, superb parenting, wealth acquisition, slimming, mastering a foreign language, reading the classics, learning to play the ukelele, or reupholstering the sofa in the garage? In your heart you know, based on the results of all previous New Year’s resolutions, that you won’t do any of these things, but will beat yourself up over not having done them, come those short, dark, depressing days between Xmas and New Year. Why not be kind to yourself and simply resolve to enjoy, guilt-free, another year of being the monolingual, overweight, financially strapped, kid nagging, home cluttered, People Magazine reading, TV crap watching couch potato you’ve always been? That resolve could be your one resolution, and in twelve months you would have the joy, for the first time in your life, of having achieved 100% of your New Year’s resolutions!