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Walnut Creek
Divorced for more than a decade
Jan 2009

Michael Lester, who has the irritating habit of refering to himself in the third-person, has been around the block.  In his brilliant journalistic career, he has served as editor-in-chief of Diablo, Golden State and REITStreet magazines, and as executive editor or managing editor of California Lawyer, MultimediaWorld, Publish and SF magazines.  Although his background is primarily in magazines, he was worked for newspapers (National Enquirer, San Francisco Examiner) and on television shows (Over Easy, PM/Evening Magazine).  He has contributed to textbooks and is the author of the trade paperback How to Have Fun with Your Body.

His stories have appeared in Baby Talk, Brides, California, Casino Journal, Edutopia, Esquire, Family Circle, Los Angeles Times New West, Philadelphia Inquirer, San Francisco, San Francisco Examiner, Woman’s Day, WomenSports and many other publications.

In 2007, he began freelancing – writing and editing books and magazine articles – and launched his own website and newsletter: www.dadmagazineonline.com.


The three biggest influences in my writing are the National Enquirer, Mad magazine and Calvin Coolidge. As an editor, I've been told by writers that, "If I only had the time, I could write less." As a writer myself, I take the time and always write less.

Upcoming Works

Every month, new short pieces on www.dadmagazineonline.com.

"What's the point of Pre-school?" for www.edutopia.org.

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