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Joe McMoneagle is a decorated, retired Army officer and former remote viewer (clairvoyant) for the U.S. government’s once top secret, Star Gate “psychic spy” program, declassified in 1995. Millions of Americans have seen him on ABC-TV, or read about his exploits in Time and Newsweek. Few know that...
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“I am a mother of three. Two boys and one girl. The two boys are the older and my girl the youngest.  They are now grown up and attending college.  When my boys were about eleven and seven or perhaps a bit younger, I had taken them to my Mom's house for the weekend.  I am...
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Mike Spradley is a 63-year old Texas executive working in the oil industry. I say he’s psychic.  Here’s his “stump-the–skeptics” experience.  If you can debunk it, let’s hear your reasons. We’ll let Red Room readers decide.  Let the games begin!  “In August 1979, I was working...
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We’re mere weeks away from the 10th anniversary of the horrific 9-11 terror attack on New York City, and I still can’t decide whether Becky’s 9-11 experience is a case of genuine ESP. I’ll let you decide. Here’s her strange story, based on the taped notes from my original interview for...
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It sounds like an urban legend, like the alligator living in the city sewer. A woman about to go out on a date with a nicely-dressed man suddenly senses something horribly evil about him, cancels the date, and later discovers the man was a homicidal killer. Could it be more than just a legend?...
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Some stories we pen, despite being deeply felt and finely executed, end up too short to merit a book. What can we do with these children of a lesser god?  We can blog them to the ether, but the web's ephemeral state, its essential impermanence, nags at us. We’re writers; we want...
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From camera to pencil
Playful iphone app called "Pencil Sketch." Converts photos to sketches. I waste absolutely too much time with the iPhone and the app store. Maybe it's because most apps are only 99 cents. Where else can you find something so fascinating and fun for the price of a Pepsi...
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 Imagine you’re the DJ for a monster party celebrating your crazy life during the 1960s – the Beatles and Stones, the summer of love, the Vietnam War. What 100 songs would you play to bring it all back home? I’ve started the list below – tell me what hits I’m missing? The background, and a few...
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On April 16, 1979 at the Pantages Theater in Los Angeles, Yul Brynner gave his 2,500th performance as the cruel, mercurial monarch of Siam in “The King & I.” The Russian-born actor died six years later but the play survived.  Resurrected repeatedly in the last 30 years, it gets a fresh curtain...
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My mother Rayanna never graduated from high school. She lived in Arkansas as a child, on a farm, and grew up during the Great Depression of the 1930s. Maybe she ran around without shoes; I don’t know, but I suspect she did. She knew how to pick cotton and hitch a mule. She could make corn bread (...
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Some spam  is tasty. Possibly because I write on the paranormal, I received an unsolicited morsel this morning from online bookseller AbeBooks alerting me to their new “Weird Book Room.”  The message showcased cover thumbnails of ten representative titles.  My favorites: “The Big Book of Lesbian...
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 “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.” – Edmund Burke Oct. 1887 – As European powers divide up Asia, France seizes and colonizes Vietnam and the Kingdom of Cambodia. The kingdom of Laos is grabbed and added in 1893, forming French Indochina. 1941-1945 – The U.S. Office of...
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Forty years can do some serious damage to the dreams, reputation or health of people. Time certainly did that to several  characters who frequented my diaries, or troubled my long-ago life in Thailand. Nixon was impeached;  Hawk has disappeared; Boris is dead. But most sailed through the...
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On April 16, 1972, I officially finished my three years with the Nuay Santipahp Saharat America, the Peace Corps. We got 100 pounds of air freight free to ship our stuff home; I packed mostly memories. If my son ever asks me “What did you do in the war, Daddy?” I would tell him that I didn’t kill...
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On June 13, 1971, the New York Times published the “Pentagon Papers,” the Defense Department’s secret, classified history of America’s involvement in Vietnam from 1945-1971. It exposed how  we bumbled into the war,  how President Johnson deliberately expanded it even after promising not to, and...
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