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“Stump the Skeptic” II: Linda’s Psychic Experience

“I am a mother of three. Two boys and one girl. The two boys are the older and my girl the youngest.  They are now grown up and attending college.  When my boys were about eleven and seven or perhaps a bit younger, I had taken them to my Mom's house for the weekend.  I am divorced and have raised my kids on my own with the help of my parents.  I usually served my kids first, and they could go to play while the adults were having dinner.  This Sunday was no different.  My Mom and I served the kids and made sure they ate their food, and then they were out to play while we were having dinner.  This is a Latino custom.  Children will sit with adults at the dinner table when they are old enough to behave properly and have impeccable table manners.  As we were having dinner, the boys as usual took their bicycles out and went to ride on the sidewalk that runs in front of my Mom's house. 

 “We were having a nice time while we were eating and chatting and talking about trivialities.  As I was talking to my Dad, who was sitting in front of me, I suddenly felt this incredible feeling of panic, and I stopped talking to him. I sat up, and screamed, ‘Something happened to the kids!’ I ran out, and as I reached the sidewalk, I could see my oldest kid walking up hill with my youngest son in his arms, with blood all over him.  They had tied a rope to one of the bikes. My oldest son had made a sudden turn, and the little one kept on going. He flew all the way up in the air and landed on top of a lot of stones and debris.  He almost killed himself. I had to take him to the hospital.  There was no way for me or for anyone else in my family to know what was going on, I just felt it.  These things happened mostly with my youngest son.”

Linda ended her letter with a second child-in-danger ESP experience involving her youngest son:

“I had left the boys and my daughter at my Mom's house, because I had to go to New York for a class. I kissed them good-bye, and off I went.  I drove perhaps for about twenty minutes when I suddenly felt the same panic I felt with the experience I related above.  I immediately turned back and drove as fast as I could to my Mom's house.  I knew something had happened to one of my kids. 

 “As I arrived, my Mom was crying and my youngest son again had had a terrible accident where he had gone up one of the trees and had fallen on top of a small branch that had punctured his neck all the way into his throat.  Again, I had to take him to the hospital.”

 (One of 200+ ESP cases found in The Gift.)