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Graying in My Life
The Poet:  Michael Lee Johnson, Reflects Upon Age

Graying in My Life

By Michael Lee Johnson 


Graying in

my life

growing old

like a stagnant

bucket of

rain water with moss

floating on the top-

Oh, it’s not such

a bad deal,

except when


catches you

chilled in the

middle of a sentence

by yourself-

ticking away

like an old grandfather clock,

hands stretched straight in the air

striking midnight

like a final




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This is very nice -

This is very nice - ''chilled in the middle of a sentence'' says it all. m

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Mary Wilkinson

Thank you for your kind remarks.
if you care to feel free to submit a batch of poetry or short fiction to any of my sites, no promises, but: http://poetryman.mysite.com all subs go to promomanusa@gmail.com
Michael Lee Johnson

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Thank you Michael! I will

Thank you Michael! I will check out the links-you are kind to consider my work. m

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How is this in appropriate?

How is this in appropriate?