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A Gathering of Doorways
Published by The Worlds of Paul Jessup
[New Urban Fantasy horror novel Gathering of Doorways] Is really, really awesome. And scary as all hell. The land of the undercity is described in painstakingly vivid detail, and...
A Gathering of Doorways
Published by Booklist
In his third novel, speculative-fiction rising star Jasper offers a finely nuanced blend of fantasy and horror centering on a salesman turned organic farmer who confronts an...
A Gathering of Doorways
Published by Publishers Weekly
Slick salesman Gil and weary, neurotic Melissa purchased their tiny farm for a song, but the bargain came with a hidden price. Their formerly strong marriage, now strained from...
A Gathering of Doorways
Published by Enter the Octopus
“A Gathering of Doorways” is about secrets. Not only does the land itself hold long-hidden secrets, but the people around it do too. As poisoned as the countryside may be it only...
A Gathering of Doorways
Published by The Agony Column
Having found Michael Jasper first in Interzone, with a story he later expanded into the science fiction novel 'The Wannoshay Cycle', I pretty much expected him to pop out SF novel...