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Apparently, an entry has been prepared about me for inclusion in a forthcoming edition of Contemporary Authors (CA), which is, in their own words, "a reference series that provides information on approximately 112,000 writers in a wide range of media, including fiction, nonfiction, poetry,...
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This time ’round, it’s from stellar writer and buddy Tim Pratt, who writes: Michael Jasper is a writer of great integrity, passion, and imagination. He creates imaginary characters who feel realer than some people I’ve actually met.— Tim Pratt, author of The Strange Adventures of Rangergirl, Poison...
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NaNoWriMo 2008
Thanks to How Not To Write, I’ve joined up! I'm gonna do NaNoWriMo! Oh boy. I guess I have no choice but to finish my book now… (NaNoWriMo is the nickname for National Novel Writing Month, which is November, which is when I hope to write the rest of my Maps and Legends novel.)
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A section of Martin Waldseemüller’s 1507 world map
Publishing is a funny business. For a variety of reasons, publishing a book takes time, and publishers have to keep up with various schedules and budget their money and time just right to get a book out on time. As a result, a lot of time can pass between the day the author types "The End...
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This review of A Gathering of Doorways comes from blogger and PR wizard extraordinaire Matt Staggs, whose blog "Enter the Octopus" contains a wealth of fascinating stories, reviews, and related info all across the various genres. Here's a snippet of his review: “Jasper uses the quickly-...
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One of the great things about the Web is that, along with its nasty ability to suck up time as you surf through the latest blogs or catch up on the minutiae of your favorite author/sports team/celebrity/etc., is that you can always find some free fiction somewhere. I was lucky enough to be...
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At some point I'll start writing journal entries with some actual content, but until then, I'll be linking away. Today's link is to my updated, dusted-off Amazon.com Blog, which is now hooked up to my Amazon page for my novel A Gathering of Doorways. So now I have another place I can add my...
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Okay, now the fun begins. In the past few weeks or so, Prime Books has sent out a bunch of advance reading copies (ARCs) of my upcoming novel, A Gathering of Doorways, and now that astute (and speedy) readers have received and read the book, the reviews are starting to trickle in. This is so cool....
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