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CHatsworth, CA
Oct 2012

I grew up in Northern California, but have resided in the Los Angeles area since 1979. I have wrote/directed and/or produced several low-budget horror films in the past. I have three published novels, with two more due out in 2014. Joining Red Room seems like a good way to network with readers and other writer's to promote myself and my writing and discover other writers and their work, as well. I love reading and I love entertaining people with my stories. I've been active with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program for 30 years, mentoring seven different boys. I've also been heavily involved within the juvenile justice system in California since 1984 and wish passionately to see our society end it's war on children and start remembering that kids screw up and make bad choices. They shouldn't be thrown away for that, but rather mentored and shown alternative behaviors, and given a second chance at reach adulthood outside of prison walls. America's throwaway mentality when it comes to kids is the predominant theme of my Knight Cycle Trilogy, of which the currently available "Children of the Knight" is the first volume.

Upcoming Works

"Children of the Knight" is the first of a trilogy. All three are about second chances and acceptance and redemption, and these overriding themes will be vividly depicted in the two continuations. Some states put kids as young as eleven into adult court and try them as adults because they did something wrong. If they’re adults when they do something wrong then they should be adults when they do something right. This idea becomes the driving force of Book Two – the campaign by Arthur and his knights to earn kids fourteen and older the right to vote in California, not to mention the right to drive a car and drop out of lousy schools in order to work.

Book Two, Running Through A Dark Place, begins exactly where Book One ended, and Book Three begins where Running concludes. They really are all parts of a single story spanning approximately four years, so it’s a real coming of age tale as the main characters grow into young adults in their fight for children’s rights. The second book focuses on California and the third one takes the crusade to a nationwide level, bringing Arthur’s kids from the barrios of L.A. to The White House, a joint session of the U.S. Congress, and beyond. Book Three, And The Children Shall Lead, will feature a lot more action than in either of the other two, with two Native American teens joining the crusade, and a mysterious villain determined to kill Arthur and destroy his crusade. It will truly be an epic conclusion.

I’m nearly finished with the first draft of And The Children Shall Lead, and will then begin revising it. I will also continue revising book two, though I currently have two meta readers going through the current version and am awaiting their responses. Running Through A Dark Place will be tricky to market and review. First of all, readers will have to have read Children of the Knight because I don’t plan on including a “What has gone before” synopsis at the beginning. Also, something so monumental happens in the first two chapters that it would be a major spoiler for either a publisher or reviewer to give it away. However, that event is what drives the next two books, and the characters, forward in directions they might not have taken otherwise. This game changing event was set up and hinted at in the last third of the first book and careful readers can look back and find the clues, but it’s still going to be a major balancing act to talk about the book without giving anything away. Running will also be darker than the first, hence the title. In addition to the continuing fight for children’s rights, it will take some of the main characters to very painful places in their lives, and Arthur will discover that fighting to right the wrongs perpetrated by adults against children can have some devastating consequences. It will also depict more directly the effects of laws that adultify kids, especially when it comes to incarceration. A new teen character named Michael will likely be very controversial, yet he is a major catalyst for much of the action and many of the choices the other characters make. He’s a poster boy, if you will, for the kinds of laws that want to conveniently pretend kids are adults only when they do something wrong.

Every character thread set up in Book One will be paid off during the course of the trilogy and those plot threads that begin in Book Two will be paid off in Book Three. I believe in following through on everything I set into motion because those are the kinds of stories I like. I love the details, and the journey characters take along the way, and I hate it when authors don’t satisfactorily wrap things up or pay off something they began earlier in a series. Having said that, books two and three are much longer than the first one. While I didn’t realize it when I began, changing the entire country is a massive undertaking, at least if that change is going to seem plausible within the context of my fictional tale. If nothing else, these books will show kids just how much power they really have over adults, should they ever decide to band together and use it.


Harmony Ink published "Children of the Knight." The two continuations are up in the air at present, but will be released somehow in 2014.

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