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Regime Guard: Spot on Red Room

Imagine if you can, Bambi meeting Godzilla. That’s how dissimilar the combatants are in Red Storm. Innocent children transform into sword wielding defenders who face-off against a race of beings nurtured by a dark goddess.

This intergalactic fantasy is a gripping and often bloody story of a struggle between good and evil on planets that have a cursory resemblance to earth.

In fulfillment of ancient prophecies, eight adolescents instantaneously morph into adults through the power of swords, forged at the command of their god Elahim. In this unique twist to the norm, it is not adults who stand to fight the forces of evil, but these child-warriors.

The Damanites, a race with no concept of good or compassion, are the villains. The Keyrie are winged Damanites, whose ancestors genetically changed their physical structure to increase their strength and they join the Damanite forces. Damanite scientists bind their genes with those of the Interrans and create another species, the savage Strigoi who live only to subdue an unquenchable hunger.

The Storm Guard is lead by Lena and Elana, twin sisters from the planet Interra who are literally torn from one another at birth. A serum produced by the Damanites to produce Strigoi affects the twins, but with their multiple births, the outcome is unexpected. Both of the girls have physical traits of the Strigoi, with Lena bearing more resemblance to the Interrans. Elana, who resembles a true Strigoi, is taken from her sister at birth and tortured to ensure her submission to the will of her captives. A psychic link to her sister gives her the impetus to survive. Elana’s treatment and genetic structure make her truly capable of understanding the balance of good and evil. By her birthright, she is capable of great violence, but she is the epitome of righteous vengeance.

The Regime members battle the Damanite forces, and one by one, they fall to members of an elite Damanite fighting force, the Lords of the Hive. As Lena’s body lies mortally wounded it vanishes. The battles move from the Regime’s eight home planets into space. There Lena reappears and joins Elana as the only surviving members of the Regime and wage a final battle on the Damanite home world against Lucid, a mystic who possesses extraordinary powers.

As this manuscript ends in a spectacular conclusion, the Damanite race is decimated, and the Zaeferi survive to rebuild their civilization.