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Stephen King
Graphic novel bio of author Stephen King
Gothic Horror Western set during the Civil War.
On Thin Ice
Hardcover release from Hyperion in June, 2010. Every year, a fleet of truckers travels beyond the northern equatorial line to the Arctic Circle, battling subzero temperatures and perilous conditions. Though treacherous, it is a region heavily endowed with natural resources. Locating this abundance of natural gas, conflict-free diamonds, and gold is relatively easy; extracting and...
Who doesn't love to open the mailbox during the holidays and find a newsletter? Whether it's a juicy missive from a college roommate inadvertently revealing her husband's wandering eye, a self-congratulatory account of a cousin's rise to power at the local fast-food joint, or a mind-numbingly detailed account of a year's medical ailments (including photos) from a coworker, they're...
Pre: Origin of the Species
The Prometheus Oil Corporation has unearthed something ancient and deadly in its underwater excavations, and now the previously unknown creatures have come to the surface to prey on humans. The solution? To lure the things back in the sea and kill everything within a five mile radius, effectively covering the corporation’s tracks. A disgraced marine biologist must race against the...
Christmas in Hell
Precursor to the bestseller Christmas Letters from Hell, Xmas in Hell serves up for readers a steaming, savory holiday blend of family news, holiday cheer, stretched truth and alleged humor. 
Breakfast With Sharks
Breakfast with Sharks is not a book about the craft of screenwriting. This is a book about the business of managing your screenwriting career, from advice on choosing an agent to tips on juggling three deal-making breakfasts a day. Prescriptive and useful, Breakfast with Sharks is a real guide to navigating the murky waters of the Hollywood system. Unlike most of the screenwriting...