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Perfection is the enemy of the good.

Just finished adapting Stephen King's short story The Reaper's Image. I am in awe of even King's early work. His book On Writing is one of the best on the craft.

Here's my two cents about writing: I know writers who labor to perfect a particular project. You run into them three years later and they are still at the draft, or worse, the concept stage. The odds of "perfecting" any one piece of writing is are very small. We learn and grow by doing.

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Ultimate perfection

 three years later and they are still at the draft

So true, Michael. I belong to a writers group. There have been several books begun by promising writers--that never  got past needing everyone's approval. A children's book had a sixth grader dislike the title. Or in a gripping story of a mature woman finally "coming of age" (and substantially autobiographical), an aunt objected to language used. Neither got past these opinions. 

I think the world has missed out on stories of real value because everyone didn't find them perfect.